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Scipio Recreational Trails Area

Your destination for Hiking, Mountain Biking, ATV, Dirt Biking, and Equestrian use.

The Scipio Recreational Trail Area is OPEN to the public and is an off-road recreational riding and hiking area. The Trail Area consists of 1720 acres of varying terrain with about 300 feet of elevation changes over the whole property. There are 25 miles of established trails. Located in Pittsburg County, about 18 miles North West from McAlester, and 3.5 miles West of the town of Scipio.

The area is not open to trucks, or side by side UTVs.

No Steering Wheels Permitted!!!

Please see the Maps page for further help in getting to the Scipio Recreational Trail Area.

You can buy Daily or Annual Riding Permit from the Scipio Grocery Store, located 1/2 mile south of the Scipio Baptist Church. The Scipio Grocery Store hours are:

M-Sat 7-6:00 and Sun 9-6:00
The phone # is 918-826-4545
The Scipio Grocery Store is run by Jim and Eva Latham
The cost of the Riding Permits are:

Daily Riding Permits are $6.00 Per Person

Annual Riding Permits are $36.00 Per Person

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